The Financial Regulatory Apartheid

The Canadian Securities Administrators have put forth a proposal regarding mutual funds fees which include recommendations as to the purpose of trailing commissions.

While this discussion is worthwhile and needs to happen to ensure that there is a complete synergy between the remuneration of the advisor and financial well being of the client there is a major problem existing in the financial industry…

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  1. […] Ceci a créé une distorsion entre l’industrie de l’assurance qui peut par exemple vendre les mêmes investissements utilisant des pratiques prohibées dans l’industrie des valeurs mobilières ou en distribuant l’assurance selon des pratiques prohibées en assurance e générale. Ceci fut le sujet d’une lettre de ma part au « Canadian Securities Administrators » en relation à de nouvelles réglementations sur les fonds mutuels alors que le même investissement en assurance n’est absolument pas réglementé. […]

  2. […] This created a gap or distortion between the insurance industry which can for example sell the same investments using some of the practices prohibited for the sale of mutual funds or by distributing insurance according to practices prohibited in the general insurance industry. This was the subject of a letter from me to the “Canadian Securities Administrators” in relation with new regulations regarding mutual funds whereas the same investment in insurance is absolutely not regulated. […]

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