Letter to Saskatchewan MLAs:Bill 177: Will you vote for financial security for criminals?

The text is now available at: http://consumerights.ca/wp/2015/02/letter-to-saskatchewan-mlasbill-177-will-you-vote-for-financial-security-for-criminals/

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One comment

  1. Richard, thanks for differentiating between a loan and a settlement. While I believe a mentally competent senior should be allowed to decide on their own, just like if and who they marry (or divorce) and whether they smoke or consume alcohol, I agree that in MOST cases a loan is a far more consumer-friendly approach and should certainly not be banned in SK !!
    Where is CARP and Advocis in THIS Debate for SENIORS PROPERTY RIGHTS ???
    I assume you are aware of the 2004 CARP 50Plus article I helped June Yee write entitled
    “Use for your life insurance for Ca$h NOW”.
    I think you should send a copy to every MLA in SK !!

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