How did the Government of Canada ended in business with Purthanol linked to allegations of insider trading and securities fraud?

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  1. Yes it’s the truth. They are swindlers.
    the ex president of biocardel Quebec realized the same factory in Luxembourg as in the Quebec.
    He touched different investment in the form of loan with the bank BNP, with the Luxemburg state, and of myself.
    My company which realized the mechanical installations on place was never paid.
    Biocardel sent in the Luxembourg some second-hand tank and he touched 1.500.000 euros.
    Biocardel has never sent a staff, he even never came on the spot.
    It’s about an important swindle. I attacked its president today personally. Biocardel Luxembourg has just been declared bankrupt. Thanks to its president.

    An important thing, its president has a GSCTT caru company, it’s this company which sells keys in hand for the construction of factory of biodiesel.
    Before selling Biocardel Québec he transferred more than 500.000 dollars Canadian towards biocardel Quebec by forgetting well on to pay the suppliers in the Luxembourg and thus my company.
    It’s a swindler!

    • thanks for the comment. As I have not verified the facts yet since it is purthanol that led me to Biocardel, I had to remove the names which I hope to put back when I get a second source who can verify this. if you know anyone else who believes to have been swindled by Biocardel I would like to know. What I don’t understand is the access to the government that these people have which gives them credibility. If they get 17 million from the government, it must mean they are credible and as a result, entrepreneurs and business man like you are not on their guard and do less diligence because of the government reference. In Vermont, they don’t want to tell me whether Biocardel repaid the 600,000 loan and I know there is something hidden there. I knew there was a problem in luxembourg when I look at the promises versus GPS picture of the site Biocardel luxembourg was doing. How can a company who receives $17 million in Quebec to set a 2 tank operations on a little piece of land, can go out of business…

      • I cannot express myself only at the level of the Luxembourg, GSCTT Caru of René Delarue received approximately in the form of loan:
        750.000 euros of the BNP Luxembourg 700.000 euros of the SNCI ( Luxemburg State) 260.000 euros from me.
        More over, My company has 140.000 euros of outstanding payments by René Delarue.

        He has never run this factory and for me he arranged with Purthanol when I had discovered everything to resell Biocardel Québec and Biocardel Luxembourg.
        Doubtless believing to release itself from her fraud

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