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We are proud to announce that a dream is coming into reality. After publishing “UNRAVELING THE UNIVERSAL LIFE SCAM*Version*=1&*entries*=0” first book of the series SIMPLER TRUTH, we will be launching a TV internet show with the same title. Our goal is simple. We intend to use the truth to ridicule the liars, the cheaters and the profiteers who are plaguing the financial industry. We intend to get into the closets of this industry to bring out the truth for the consumers to see and judge. Many will find that Lady Truth is a mean lady…

“This does not mean that the SIMPLER TRUTH will not continue in a written version” declared Richard Proteau. “In fact in 2016, the SIMPLER TRUTH will address some of the scams use in the investment industry. Doing an internet video show will allow us to reach a different audience and to be very reactive to current developments. Our target date is October. The script for the first show is about finished. We will be ready to shoot early October. In the first show, we will release for the first time a short documentary of about 5/10 minutes on the actuarial fraud “SMOKE AND MIRRORS” used to promote the sale of Universal Life products. This release will be timed with our legal and social initiatives against the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and CHLIA in regards to violations of their own code of ethics associated with this fraud.”

Other topics covered in the first show will be a sarcastic and ironic review of MGA history and regulations, changes to the Saskatchewan insurance act, the Thibault and the circle of fraud…

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