Life settlement: Industrial Alliance – Where insanity and stupidity comes together…

The text is now available at:Life settlement: Industrial Alliance – Where insanity and stupidity comes together…

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  1. Richard, in future please ask me and show me what you intend writing about me and my clients. While it is true that I introduced Hugh to you because he is still looking to obtain another $85K which would be 50% of his face as per the 1993 OIC Guidelines, I did not necessarily want my modus operandi revealed publicly.
    For the record this Hugh is part of a Group Employer Life Plan so he has no Agent to go in to bat for him and he left his employer due to his disability a long time ago. However it would be nice if the CLHIA were to replace Charlie Black their Actuary who in the 90s was very sympathetic to the plight of PWAs and did his best to get their member companies to be flexible and compassionate.
    That was BEFORE they DEMUTUALIZED and were then owned by their POLICYHOLDERS.

    • As for the agent part, as I mentionned to you, I disagree.Someone sold that group insurance or it was the responsability of Sun Life to assign an agent.This industry is so full of hypocrisy

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