1. The article entitled “Proposed changes to prescribed annuity taxation: the truth is in the numbers…” contains life expectancies that one might assume reflect the mortality tables to be used for post-2016 prescribed annuities. However, they do not. The mortality tables to be used for this purpose are the “Annuity 2000 Basic Mortality Table” rather than the (loaded) Annuity 2000 Mortality Tables. Granted the distinction is small, but the use of the latter tables will (slightly) overstate the life expectancies to be used for determining the taxable portion of the annuity payments under a post-1996 prescribed annuity.

    • Thanks for the correction but this does not change the conclusion of this text and the impact as you stated is minimal. Please note I knew that I had the wrong table but at the time this was the only one available to me.

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