Consumer complaint against Universal Life

The text is now available at : Consumer complaint against Universal Life

Please visit our website at FSCA



  1. […] Il introduira bientôt un nouveau concept légal basé sur l’utilisation des groupes sociaux dans une poursuite hybride entre un recours collectif et poursuite individuelle (première compagnie poursuivie sera MANUVIE) contre les compagnies d’assurance dans la FRAUDE « SMOKE AND MIRRORS » qui incluse PRICE FIXING du produit Vie Universelle: […]

  2. […] He will soon introduce a new legal concept based on the use of social networking to proceed with a lawsuit that will try to take the best out of a class action and an individual lawsuit. This lawsuit against insurance companies is in relation to a FRAUD named “SMOKE AND MIRRORS” which involved the use of PRICE FIXING to promote the sale of the Universal Life product: […]

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